Safe Internet Plus


The next step in safe internet is the Safe Internet Plus certification. You will get acquainted with issues like phishing, downloads, e-mail attachments and safe passwords.


Online Examination

The Safe Internet Plus certification guarantees you are able to use passwords in a safe manner, avoid malware and recognize phishing. Take your exam now!

Step 1: Don't click Plus

The first part of the Safe Internet Plus certification is the "Don't click Plus" quiz. Again several real life examples are presented to you during this challenge. A website wants to install a video-codec that enables you to play back a video. Do you allow this? To click or not to click, that is once again the question!

Step 2: Password Fundamentals

The second part of the Safe Internet Plus certification is the "Password Fundamentals" challenge. If you know how to to create a secure passphrase and understand why it's important to practice safe password use, you should be able to complete this challenge successfully without difficulty.