Safe Internet


Welcome to Internet Safety. The Certified Secure Safe Internet certification teaches you the basic skills that you need to enjoy the Internet in a safe way.


Online Examination

The Safe Internet certification enables you to keep your Operating System and browser up-to-date and makes sure you can recognize and handle common situations on the internet in a practical manner. Start the examination challenges and get certified right away.

Step 1: Internet Fundamentals

The first part of the Safe Internet certification is the "Internet Fundamentals" quiz. If you know why software updates are important and why you need to be careful clicking on links and attachments you should be able to complete this challenge successfully without difficulty.

Step 2: Don't click

The second part of the Safe Internet certification is the "Don't click" quiz. Several real life examples are presented to you during this challenge. You receive an e-mail with an update for online banking. Will you open the attachment? To click or not to click, that is the question!