Essential Specialties


Are you ready for the next step? The Essential Specialties certification is the sequel to Essential Security. The multiple challenges push your SQL Injection and Path Traversal skills to the limit.


Online Examination

You will obtain the Essential Specialties certification by completing all three examination challenges. The Essential Specialties Certificate guarantees you are an expert in SQL Injection and Path Traversal.

Step 1: CTF Challenge

In this challenge you take part in a virtual Capture the Flag hacker tournament. We created a number of websites where you can score points by reading files or databases. You complete the CTF challenge by capturing at least 7 of the 9 flags.

Step 2: Boris Challenge

During this challenge your SQL Injection and Path Traversal skills are pushed to the limit. By investigating several websites you should be able to determine the identity of an illustrious and mysterious person that goes by the name of Boris.

Step 3: Distelcorp Challenge

Your assignment during this challenge: find security flaws in the fictitious Distelcorp website and get access to their e-vault. Once again your SQL Injection and Path Traversal skills are tested to the max.