Essential Security


How does hacking work, and more important, how can you protect yourself against it? The Essential Security certification offers you a practical introduction in the world of application and server security.


Online Examination

The Essential Security certification is all about the vulnerabilities SQL Injection and Path Traversal. This certification ensures you understand the hacker mindset and the vulnerabilities SQL Injection and Path Traversal. You get certified after you complete the online exams.

Step 1: I Know What You Mean

The first part of the Essential Security certification: the "I know what you mean" quiz! If you have basic knowledge of SQL Injection and Path Traversal you should be able to complete this challenge successfully without difficulty.

Step 2: iDB Challenge

This challenge evolves around the fictitious Inspiring Images, a young and dynamic company that specializes in new technology. You score 100% when you are able to select images in the admin interface of the iDB app.