Certified Secure Checklists

Certified Secure exists to encourage and fulfill the growing interest in IT security knowledge and skills. We stand for openness, transparency and the sharing of knowledge. The Certified Secure Checklists are a perfect example of this belief.

Web Application Checklists

The Web Application Security Test Checklist was developed specifically for performing security tests on web applications. With over 90 different controls this checklist is the standard for Security Testers.

A good web application is a secure web application. Use the Web Application Secure Development Checklist so you never forget the essentials when developing a secure web application. For developers, by developers!

Server Checklists

A Security Tester should never forget about server security when performing a security test. The Server Security Test Checklist, in combination with the Web Application Security Test Checklist, is the foundation for every good security test.

A secure web application hosted on an insecure server does not make a lot of sense. This is why the Server Configuration Checklist should be used when installing or configuring a server.