Certified Secure IRC

The Certified Secure Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server is open for everybody and is the best place to meet other Certified Secure enthusiasts. Check out the instructions on this page and come join us in #cs

Reverse the password

It would not be Certified Secure if we didn’t expect you to complete a small challenge first! The IRC server is protected with a password that is displayed below in ROT31. The first step for connecting to the IRC server is reversing the ROT31 "encryption" and recovering the IRC server password.

Password (ROT31): ifrsbnjljgwznpyjwstzjjswtyufxxbtwi

Configure your IRC client

To use IRC you need an IRC client. You can use the IRC client that you like best. Note: the client must support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to be able to connect to the Certified Secure IRC server. Popular free clients include Pidgin (for Windows, Linux and OS X) and irssi (just for Linux).

The following configuration is applicable to the Certified Secure IRC Server:

  • Server: hacking.certifiedsecure.com
  • Port: 9999
  • Channel: #cs
  • SSL: mandatory
  • Password: mandatory

Select an IRC client below for specific instructions

Pidgin Configuratationirssi ConfigurationmIRC Configuration

Pidgin Client Configuration

When Pidgin is installed for the first time you can create an account.

Use the following account configuration:

  • Protocol: IRC
  • Username: alias
  • Server: hacking.certifiedsecure.com
  • Password: the Certified Secure IRC password
  • Remember password: checked

Click "Advanced" and use the following settings:

  • Port: 9999
  • Use SSL: checked
  • Authenticate with SASL: disabled
  • Allow plaintext SASL: disabled

Click on "Add" to create the account.

Once your are connected to IRC you can join the #cs channel. Click on "Buddies" in the menu and choose the "Join a chat" option. Specify "#cs" for the Room and click on the "Join" button. The #cs channel is opened in a new tab.

irssi (Linux) Client Configuration

Start irssi from the command line. Make sure you do not run irssi as root.

Enter the text below in the irssi window:

/connect -SSL hacking.certifiedsecure.com 9999 thecertifiedsecureircpassword

Join the #cs channel: /join #cs

mIRc Client Configuration

Note: mIRC is not free software and requires a paid registration after 30 days. Once mIRC is installed you need to install the OpenSSL library. Follow the instructions on the page below for installing the OpenSSL library:


Once the OpenSSL library has been installed you can continue with the configuration of mIRC. Click on the "File" menu and choose the "Select Server" option. In the "Connect" menu click on "Servers", click on "Add" and specify following server configuration:

  • Description: Certified Secure IRC
  • IRC Server: hacking.certifiedsecure.com
  • Ports: +9999 (Note the plus sign)
  • Password: The Certified Secure IRC Password

Click on "Add". The Certified Secure IRC server is now inserted in the list of servers. Select the Certified Secure IRC server and click on "Select". The connect window will appear, choose a nickname and click "Connect."

Once you are connected, don’t forget to join the #cs channel.

By connecting to the Certified Secure IRC server you agree to the following house rules:

  • Use your common sense and show respect for the other participants
  • Do not share details or spoilers for Certified Secure challenges in #cs
  • When you need help with a challenge, ask somebody to help you using private messaging ("PM").
  • Do not share illegal content or links to illegal content
  • The Certified Secure IRC server is not meant for commercial activity
  • Certified Secure reserves the right to deny you access to the Certified Secure IRC server at any time.